Friday, 20 August 2010

you have a face for the radio... but I know you'd like to see it in a show

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday but I was farrrrr too busy celebrating! i'm off to Leeds in less than a month and i'm bloody excited! I got two a's and two b's an I have no idea how but i don't care! Last night was brillant apart from being drowned in foam by callum and rich in walkabout and looking like a drowned cat but I was too drunk to care! I've been at work all day and it was so quiet and boring so I made lists. Lots and lots of lists. I enjoy making lists, they make me feel organised and also it is very much needed as i forget everything!

This was my list today

1. blog
2. decide what im packing to leeds
3. do my washing
4. sort stuff out for Livvi leaving for america more yoga
6. job hunting

I like this list however no doubt I will have lost it by tomorrow morning and i'll make another one...

Here are some pictures of some lovely ladies that I think are brilliant

one day I hope I can as successful as these!
I think I'd like to be a front woman one day... and throw myself around, I'd like that. infact...

7. Join a band when I get to uni

all my love
Katie x


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog!
    Have fun at Leeds! Oh, how I wish I could be there, too!:( I obviously love your taste in music!;)

  2. that's no problem my lovely, I think it's brilliant I love looking at all the lovely pictures and clothes! thankyou, i'm sure I will do i'm so excited now... haha your music taste is fab ;)