Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I simply remember my favourite things... and then I don't feel so bad

"Your fingers upon by back connecting the dots. Drinking tea out of the freckled cup and waiting for you to come back home. Waiting for there to be a home outside of this one. Keeping warm under white sheets. Wanting to be closer than science will allow us."

feeling free

countryside adventures


hiding away, camping, being with friends

walks and thinking

my cats


days and nights in the city and feeling at home

my bestfriend, my sister and picnics

my best friends

train journeys

lie ins

lazy hazy days

the beach


playing guitar and music

my morning coffee

notes, lists, kisses and feeling loved

Freckled Cup is a project to showcase the beauty of people, light, warmth, colour, lack of colour, skin, touch, mountains, exploration, and most things in between. Most of these pictures are taken from 'Freckled Cup' artists, and a couple are not.

Katie x


  1. are those pictures yours? cool blog btw. im gonna follow it for sure. :)

  2. thankyou! no they are taken from an art project called drinking from the freckled cup, you should check it out, i picked some of my favourites but there are much more. www.freckledcup.com and few of the photos are mine for example the one of me and my sister and my friends! im pretty new to blogging so it is nice to know that people are appreciating it! keep checking back for more posts. much love xx

  3. thanks for the link. i rly love those pics. :) i wanted to create my own blog too but... well its hard to become popular. ;d yep, i will keep following. :) oh and big plus for The Stone Roses music here.

  4. Oh you should! I'm addicted already! I'll follow you! let me know if you do decide to :) the stone roses are brilliant! i found their first album on cassette the other day at a record fair for 50p! x