Monday, 16 August 2010

oh mama, i don't care about nofin!!!

Hello little partycakes,
Today I have spent the day with my sister, and I also found a pair of scissors and cut myself a fringe.
I am reading a brilliant book by Irvine Welsh the author of trainspotting, porno etc etc. called ''if you liked school then you'll love work''. It is a book of books! how quaint. My favourite story so far has to be ''the DOGS of Lincoln Park'' about a group of socialites, a Korean chef and a dog named toto. It is not all it seems I tell you, and those of you who enjoy his work will know what kind of happenings to expect! Read it!

Tonight I am going to my friend Liz's to drink nice things and catch up with friends - it should be lovely! I will leave you with a picture of my new fringe and the top I bought the other day for two pounds...

Katie x

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