Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I got a date with the night...

because I most certainly won't be sleeping - but not in the sense that Karen O was singing about i'm guessing! It's because tomorrow is results day and I am TERRIFIED which means that there is no chance of me falling to sleep easily tongiht! I am trying to keep myself busy to take my mind off things. I've been at work most of the day which was alright, and read my book on the bus. There was a quote in it that said ''I know it is not an excuse but it is certainly a reason''. That made me think a bit really, because I hate it when you genuinely don't know why a person has behaved in a certain way and no matter how you think it over in your mind you cannot come to a conclusion. I myself have done things that have made me think 'why the hell have I done that' and you try and explain it to someone and they say ''well that is not an excuse'' and previously I could not think of any come back to that. However it is possible to have reason to do something and not have any justification for why you have done it. It's times like this I wish I listened to my mum when she tells me things, because she is always (unfortunately) right. Like when she tells me to work hard for my A levels because I will regret not doing so. I can't help but think I could have worked a little bit harder for my grades, but it is too late now. I think I will have done well, because I did work really hard , however tomorrow we shall see!

Anyway enough of my senseless rambling! I like having a blog because no one can tell me to shut up! Or that I'm chatting breeze. I have a few pictures for you little treats! ( Well the few of you that may or may not be following me ). These are pictures from my favourite films, the first one being 'An Education' which I think is quite appropriate for my situation at the moment and also has a wonderful script. Also because I am immensely jealous of the clothes Carey Mulligan gets to wear - she is such a pretty little thing!

What are your favourite films? Also if you could pick a character to be for a day, from any film you wish, who would it be?

Katie x


  1. a Clockwork Orange. my fav.

  2. it's brilliant isn't it! have you read the book? it's even better than the film

  3. it is brilliant. i love it. but i didnt actually know that there was a book! i'm going to read it for sure.

  4. yes you should! the language is difficult at first but you get used to it! let me know what you think x