Monday, 31 January 2011


Debut album from Chapel Club has FINALLY been released! Definietly one of my favourite bands from last year and 'Palace' (LOOG/Universal), has not disappointed! I was expecting it to be very pretentious (which it is!) but luckily it's in a way that you can not help but like I think. Lewis Bowman is a self proclaimed 'poet' - which is more often than not a claim that is best avoided I find! However the lyrics on tracks such as 'all the eastern girls' and 'the shore' really show how talented he really is at writing lyrics! I think 'all the eastern girls' is still my favourite track which was also the single they first released. I don't think
  there is a track on the album I don't like, which I rarely find. ANYWAY all this is exciting enough BUT guess who is coming to Leeds! ....

don't think I could actually be more excited!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

hey cool kid!

Today I had an interview with All Saints in Leeds! Really hoping for this job, would be such an amazing company to work for! We then made a final decision on our house for next year and we're going to sign for it tomorrow! I'm so excited! Also found my new favourite  album this year. Cloud Nothings - Turning on. Have a listen, thir song 'hey cool kid' is the video on my blog at the minute. It's a lovely album full of distorted guitars and lovely lyrics! It's really dreamy and making me look forward to the summer so much! Also, I went into Topshop today, and their new collection for this season is really lovely! I haven't recently liked much of their stuff but it has some lovely things in at the moment! Here are a few of the things on my wish list, when I can afford to go shopping again! Hello pay day Friday!

Also excited for this...

Let's hope I get the job!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

only love is all maroon

Sorry I haven't posted for a week, i'm failing terribly at my new years resolutions, but feeling sad. It's been a pretty bad weekend, been listening to Bon Iver on repeat - can only get off to a better start this week. Keeping busy to take my mind of the numerous things that have gone bad this week. On the upside we went house hunting today and found the most beautiful little house. We instantly fell in love with it. We've also been planning our first summer in Leeds, I'm so excited! My brithday at Glasto should be amazing, and hopefully it will be sunny so we can go on picnics and bike rides and sit up all night outside drinking wine. Sometimes I wonder if I should go travelling or something to figure out what I really want. I need a holiday or something to have some time to think. Things can only get better as they say ...


Monday, 17 January 2011


So today I've been to the Library, then gone to work and now im back at the Library... probably for the foreseeable future! well until I get kicked out at 2am anyway! ughrrr exam tomorrow at 9.30... I hate my elective! Sorry for the lack of posting today, but unfortunately revision has to take some sort of priority! I'll post tomorrow morning though after my exam. seeeeeeeeeeeeee ya

Sunday, 16 January 2011

leave the horror here

I hate January with a passion! Its so dark and cold and gloomy! I can't wait for summer in Leeds! Next week im going house hunting, I can't wait i'm so excited! Last night we went out down Call Lane and went to Neon Cactus. I've no idea what happens in that place but whenever I go I can never rememeber anything of the night! Maybe it's something to do witht the vast amount of tequila being poured down my neck! I managed to lose my phone and my bank card, I am so terrible at losing things it makes me sad! I lose my life on Call Lane! Today has been completely unproductive so i'm living in the library tomorrow to make up for it! Me and Jess are going to get a takeaway and then i'm convinced that after today we will become health queens... or something like that! Exams are nearly over...less than a week then it's back to uni! Here are some more pictures of cats for you to enjoy... I found them on tumblr. I'm hoping that when Rose, Rhi, Evie , Jess and me have our house we can accidentally adopt some kittens! maybe we should learn to look after ourselves first though...


Thursday, 13 January 2011

moustashe's on strings the finest of things!

So I haven't blogged for a few days because i've been revising! Which i must say I am TERRIBLE at! Too many coffee breaks and distractions! My exam was this morning and it actually went quite well, one down two to go! I've had a lovely little day today (apart from exams)! After, me and Sofi went adventuring to the Hidden Cafe in Leeds University Union (which does the best cakes and panini's ever!) then visited my favourite little shop round the corner from where I live, which is actually AMAZING- Vintage Wardrobe. The lady in there is lovely and took a picture of me for their blog cos she liked my hat. You should pay them a little visit on North Lane in Headingley...

Here's some pretty pictures for you, most of them are from Portobello Road in London. Makes me want to go back in the Summer, so excited for Camden Crawl this year! loveeeely...


Sunday, 9 January 2011

what katie did next...

she's beautiful! As are these little babies I got today from the Doc Martins sale! amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Things to do in 2011...

1. Pass my first year and move into a house with my beauties (Rose,Rhi,Evie and Jess)
2. Become more involved with Leeds Student Radio
3 Get fit, go to the gym and do something for charity
4. Volunteer at Glasto
5. Become more organised
6.Get better at writing and posting on my blog!
7. Stop cutting my hair and grow it so it's REALLY long again
8. Hold a clothes sale to fund my expensive shopping habit
9. Keep my room tidy
10. Sleep better / Learn how to sleep
11. Get Rose to teach me how to knit
12. Stop running away/going into denial about problems and sort them out before they have a chance to get worse
13. Get better at guitar
14. Go somewhere I haven't been before
15. Stop losing things
16. Make more lists

After a long day at work I had to purchase some things to cheer me up! I'm not very good at keeping new year resolutions but I think I kept my one's last year! I passed my driving test and got into uni, hopefully this year will be just as successful!

Boy London T-shirt and Necklace - both Urban Outfitters


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I can’t be who I was yesterday because I was a different person then


I knew she wasn't English, because she spoke it far too well...

''It’s like you’re in love with someone. You never really stop loving that person. It’s like a family member who’s a bit troublesome but you love them anyway because you know they’re alright. Even if the rest of the world can see the truth – ie they’re not alright. But they’re in your blood'' Peter Doherty

I do FARRRR too many posts about Pete! He's perfect though...

this video makes me laugh so much!

Katie x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I only wanna be your one life stand...

successful shopping trip today and tattoo all done! I am a happy bee. Sorry about the shit photography, I'm trying to get money together for a better camera!

my beautiful new Carvela wedges, and new Levi's t-shirt