Sunday, 16 January 2011

leave the horror here

I hate January with a passion! Its so dark and cold and gloomy! I can't wait for summer in Leeds! Next week im going house hunting, I can't wait i'm so excited! Last night we went out down Call Lane and went to Neon Cactus. I've no idea what happens in that place but whenever I go I can never rememeber anything of the night! Maybe it's something to do witht the vast amount of tequila being poured down my neck! I managed to lose my phone and my bank card, I am so terrible at losing things it makes me sad! I lose my life on Call Lane! Today has been completely unproductive so i'm living in the library tomorrow to make up for it! Me and Jess are going to get a takeaway and then i'm convinced that after today we will become health queens... or something like that! Exams are nearly over...less than a week then it's back to uni! Here are some more pictures of cats for you to enjoy... I found them on tumblr. I'm hoping that when Rose, Rhi, Evie , Jess and me have our house we can accidentally adopt some kittens! maybe we should learn to look after ourselves first though...


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