Monday, 31 January 2011


Debut album from Chapel Club has FINALLY been released! Definietly one of my favourite bands from last year and 'Palace' (LOOG/Universal), has not disappointed! I was expecting it to be very pretentious (which it is!) but luckily it's in a way that you can not help but like I think. Lewis Bowman is a self proclaimed 'poet' - which is more often than not a claim that is best avoided I find! However the lyrics on tracks such as 'all the eastern girls' and 'the shore' really show how talented he really is at writing lyrics! I think 'all the eastern girls' is still my favourite track which was also the single they first released. I don't think
  there is a track on the album I don't like, which I rarely find. ANYWAY all this is exciting enough BUT guess who is coming to Leeds! ....

don't think I could actually be more excited!


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