Thursday, 13 January 2011

moustashe's on strings the finest of things!

So I haven't blogged for a few days because i've been revising! Which i must say I am TERRIBLE at! Too many coffee breaks and distractions! My exam was this morning and it actually went quite well, one down two to go! I've had a lovely little day today (apart from exams)! After, me and Sofi went adventuring to the Hidden Cafe in Leeds University Union (which does the best cakes and panini's ever!) then visited my favourite little shop round the corner from where I live, which is actually AMAZING- Vintage Wardrobe. The lady in there is lovely and took a picture of me for their blog cos she liked my hat. You should pay them a little visit on North Lane in Headingley...

Here's some pretty pictures for you, most of them are from Portobello Road in London. Makes me want to go back in the Summer, so excited for Camden Crawl this year! loveeeely...


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