Friday, 7 January 2011

Things to do in 2011...

1. Pass my first year and move into a house with my beauties (Rose,Rhi,Evie and Jess)
2. Become more involved with Leeds Student Radio
3 Get fit, go to the gym and do something for charity
4. Volunteer at Glasto
5. Become more organised
6.Get better at writing and posting on my blog!
7. Stop cutting my hair and grow it so it's REALLY long again
8. Hold a clothes sale to fund my expensive shopping habit
9. Keep my room tidy
10. Sleep better / Learn how to sleep
11. Get Rose to teach me how to knit
12. Stop running away/going into denial about problems and sort them out before they have a chance to get worse
13. Get better at guitar
14. Go somewhere I haven't been before
15. Stop losing things
16. Make more lists

After a long day at work I had to purchase some things to cheer me up! I'm not very good at keeping new year resolutions but I think I kept my one's last year! I passed my driving test and got into uni, hopefully this year will be just as successful!

Boy London T-shirt and Necklace - both Urban Outfitters


1 comment:

  1. i love your list.
    i try and do one every year. much better than resolutions and a million times more fun :)
    love the boy london t-shirt too ♥