Sunday, 23 January 2011

only love is all maroon

Sorry I haven't posted for a week, i'm failing terribly at my new years resolutions, but feeling sad. It's been a pretty bad weekend, been listening to Bon Iver on repeat - can only get off to a better start this week. Keeping busy to take my mind of the numerous things that have gone bad this week. On the upside we went house hunting today and found the most beautiful little house. We instantly fell in love with it. We've also been planning our first summer in Leeds, I'm so excited! My brithday at Glasto should be amazing, and hopefully it will be sunny so we can go on picnics and bike rides and sit up all night outside drinking wine. Sometimes I wonder if I should go travelling or something to figure out what I really want. I need a holiday or something to have some time to think. Things can only get better as they say ...


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