Thursday, 16 September 2010

all you pretty things waiting for somebody...

It's early and I'm not quite sure why I'm up! Really restless at the moment and excited. Anyway, I was just reading an interview with Daisy Lowe who I love, which got me thinking about her AMAZING 21's birthday party back in January. She wore the most beautiful dress and costumes, and it makes me very jealous. She's always smiling and is absolutely gorgeous, she seems very real unlike alot of people. Also can someone tell me why Alexa Chung looks so mardy about 90 per cent of the time. If I was her, having Alex Turner, and with all those clothes and her long legs, I think I might make an effort to smile a bit more.
Last night was lovely, seeing everyone at the pub and spending some time with Emmy and Sam. Only two more dayssss!

I want a party just like this. I also want to dress like this every day. It's brilliant...

I NEED THIS DRESS! It's upsetting it was custom made. grrrrrrr. It would be well good to have a wedding like this! Also I need to learn to DJ. Hopefully I will find someone in Leeds willing to teach me. I decided this when I found the little record store on Sadler Gate the other day and I wanted to buy everything and this man was showing me how to mix and shit. I want to be able to do that. That is allllll little pixie facessss. It is definetly autumn now isn't it! All cold and damp. I'm going to need my heavy boots to stop me blowing away up north.

all myloveeeee
Katie x

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